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Vad kul att du vill följa med våra äventyr runt joden! Vi en är liten familj som har valt att gå vår egna väg och följa våra drömmar. Vi har valt att leva ett mer minimalistiskt liv och istället spendera mer tid tillsammans. Vi har alltid varit äventyrliga och drömt om att se världen, så det är precis det vi gör just nu! . Vår familj består av Erica, Mattias, dottern Vilda och taxen Maggie.Hittills på vår resa har vi besökt Asien i två månader, bilat runt i Europa i 5 månader, varit i Mellanöstern och också upptäckt Afrikas skönhet! Härnäst väntar Central- och Nordamerika, följer du med?


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Hello from Orlando! #magic #diagonalley ##travelfamily
Our last days in Costa Rica we stayed in one of our favorite houses of all time! Located in the middle of the Caribbean jungle. No wifi, no TV, no neighbors , well except all the visiting spider monkeys and birds. Every morning we woke from the sound of howling monkeys, sitting just outside the house. Starting the mornings looking out into the jungle, spending 100% quality time together, watching the monkeys play in the surrounding trees, swimming, dancing, listening to the jungle...the perfect way to end our time in Costa Rica!
One of the many things we have realized on this year long trip is how how little things we actually need to be happy. We only travel with one bag and two backpacks, sometimes we only have our two backpacks. We almost never buy any souvenirs, because we don't need them, can't afford them and well, we can't fit them in our bags! When you have a permanent home, it's easy to bring things into your life. We were only home for a month in November and we found ourselves buying things we didn't really need, things like toys for Vilda. Vilda hasn't really had many toys on our travels, a few crayons, a little play-doh and of course her favorit two stuffed animals. Instead of toys she uses her imagination to play. She plays with everything in her surroundings, leafs, rocks, sticks, papers, chairs, shells, cups you name it! We can really see how all of our experiences has shaped and developed Vilda's imagination. She pretends she sees lions, elephants, camels and monkeys. Sometimes she imaginations she's in the safri car and others she's in a Marocan market or swimming in the ocean. When we were home we bought and played with some toys but we realized that toys can sometimes limit both Vilda's and our imagination. We actually have more fun and are more creative without toys (you have to be!) One thing became very clear to us and that is that we parents buy things that our kids don't really need. We have realized that Vilda doesn't need a doctor's kit to play doctor, she doesn't need a mini kitchen to pretend to cook food and she doesn't need lego to build things. Of course Vilda will get toys in the future, but we will try to be more mindful of what we bring into our home and we will always treasure experience and imagination over things.
One year ago we left our home to travel around the world. It's the best decision we have ever made and every day we are thankful for the time we get to spend together and all the amazing memories we have collected. #fulltimetravelwithkids #travelfulltime #costaricabeach
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The other day we were hiking in the jungle, looking for monkeys. For days, Vilda had been asking to see monkeys again. And we found them, everywhere!!! Along the entire hike, monkeys were jumping over our heads, eating bananas, playing around, showing off. A one hour hike turned into three hours, we just couldn't stop watching all the monkeys! At the end, Vilda said she had enough of monkeys 🙈🐒 #monkeyingaround #banana #familytravel #fulltimetravel #resetips


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