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Vad kul att du vill följa med våra äventyr runt joden! Vi en är liten familj som har valt att gå vår egna väg och följa våra drömmar. Vi har valt att leva ett mer minimalistiskt liv och istället spendera mer tid tillsammans. Vi har alltid varit äventyrliga och drömt om att se världen, så det är precis det vi gör just nu! . Vår familj består av Erica, Mattias, dottern Vilda och taxen Maggie.Hittills på vår resa har vi besökt Asien i två månader, bilat runt i Europa i 5 månader, varit i Mellanöstern och också upptäckt Afrikas skönhet! Härnäst väntar Central- och Nordamerika, följer du med?


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The other day we were hiking in the jungle, looking for monkeys. For days, Vilda had been asking to see monkeys again. And we found them, everywhere!!! Along the entire hike, monkeys were jumping over our heads, eating bananas, playing around, showing off. A one hour hike turned into three hours, we just couldn't stop watching all the monkeys! At the end, Vilda said she had enough of monkeys 🙈🐒 #monkeyingaround #banana #familytravel #fulltimetravel #resetips
Watching the sunset with you ❤️🌅 #sunsetlove #loveisyou #spendingtimetogether
An other day, an other visit into the rainforest. There are so many different national parks here in Costa Rica, trying to preserve the nature and all the animals. The other day we visited Manuel Antonio national Park. We did see lots of amazing animals, but it's also the most visited national park in Costa Rica, so if you go you will not be alone! We also recommend to do a guided tour, our guide spotted animals we would never had seen with out him! The park also have beautiful beaches, but be careful, there are thives! If you don't hold onto your belongings, monkeys and racoons might "borrow" your stuff!! We had an amazing time in the park and saw SO many animals! on the way back home, Vilda told us about every animal we seen in the park! 🐒 #howlermonkey #manuelantonio #familyadventure
We experienced so many amazing things last year but going on safari was really something special. You can't describe the emotion Africa creates. South Africa, you really stole our hearts. If we had to pick only one experience to recommend everyone to do, it would definitely be to go on a safari! Go to our YouTube page to watch the entire video from our time in South Africa ❤️🦁🦒🐘 #safariwithkids #southafricasafari #familjeblogg #vlogg
Can't believe we've already been here in Costa Rica for a month and we still have time to go! We chose to stay our longest period of time here on our trip because there is so much to see and do. Everything from exploring beautiful beaches to hiking along volcanos, or go looking for animals in the rainforest (or just outside your door). Or why not go zoiplining, or trek along hanging bridges up by the tree tops. AND let's not forget about all the fresh fruits and vegetables! The avocados are insanely good....🤤 🥑😍 #exploremore #dreamvacation #runninggirl #familyadventure


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