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Vad kul att du vill följa med våra äventyr runt joden! Vi en är liten familj som har valt att gå vår egna väg och följa våra drömmar. Vi har valt att leva ett mer minimalistiskt liv och istället spendera mer tid tillsammans. Vi har alltid varit äventyrliga och drömt om att se världen, så det är precis det vi gör just nu! Efter att ha spenderat två månader i Asien reser vi nu runt i Europa. Vår familj består av Erica, Mattias, dottern Vilda och taxen Maggie.


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On Europe roadtrip, we spent three amazing weeks in Italy! During this time, we visited Pisa, Tuscany, Rome and Venice. We ate way too much gelato, pasta and Pizza and truly discovered the beauty of Italy. Italy is definitely one of our favorite stops on this trip so far. It has everything; great food, diverse amazing nature, lots of history and stunning cities! Italy is a must to put on your bucket list! 🇮🇹🍨🍕🍝 #familytravelvlog #bucketlistdestination #italytravel #fulltimetravelingfamily
Vilda has been such a champ on our trip to Norway. The weather was not on our side most of the time so she had to endure a lot of rain and wind. But as usual, she was our own personal sunshine... except when it was time putting on all the warm clothes...Vilda hates wearing warm clothes...🧦🧤🧣 #traveldestination #mustgo #trollhunters #trollstigen #norwaywithkids #travelwithkids #fulltimetravel #aroundtheworld
I seriously cried happy tears when I saw the lamas on our hike! We stood there waaay to long stalking these beautiful creatures, trying to figure out which one we should steal, how we were going to fit it in our car and where we could keep it back home... #lamasforthewin #lamalove #norwayfjords
We definitely think that Disney was Vildas favorite part of our trip through Europe. Just look at that face when she's on the roller coaster! From Paris we left our car and hopped on a train to Zermatt to see the Matterhorn! Link in bio for more smiles at Disneyland and our trip in Zermatt! #familytravel #disneylandparis #zermatt #familyvlog #vlog #happytimes
Trollstigen have been on our bucket list for such a long time! We even found some trolls but more on that later! 👣🌍🇸🇯 #bucketlistcheck #norway #trollstigen #trollhunters
Nothing beats a family hug! BUT there is one little family member missing on our Norway trip. Unfortunately we had to leave our dog Maggie at home due to a back injury. She is recovering well and hopefully will be as good as new when we get back home. Big thank you to everyone who message us with concerns about Maggie 🥰🐾 #familyadventure #familyhugs #norwayfjords #makingmemories #fulltimetravelingfamily


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