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Vad kul att du vill följa med våra äventyr runt joden! Vi en är liten familj som har valt att gå vår egna väg och följa våra drömmar. Vi har valt att leva ett mer minimalistiskt liv och istället spendera mer tid tillsammans. Vi har alltid varit äventyrliga och drömt om att se världen, så det är precis det vi gör just nu! . Vår familj består av Erica, Mattias, dottern Vilda och taxen Maggie.Hittills på vår resa har vi besökt Asien i två månader, bilat runt i Europa i 5 månader, varit i Mellanöstern och också upptäckt Afrikas skönhet! Härnäst väntar Central- och Nordamerika, följer du med?


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Is safari kids friendly? Well I would say it's one of Vilda's favorite experiences! Everyday we went on a three hour long game drive and we were a bit worried that Vilda would get bored. But like always, Vilda was our little star! She was sooo excited about all the animals and learned about so many new species. She had a "Pumba" tattoo from the Lion King on her arm and every time she saw a warthog, she pointed at her tattoo and said "an other Pumba" 🐗. At times she had a little difficult time sitting still but most of the time she was looking for animals or just enjoying the bumpy ride. Swipe 👉 on the last photo, we had just discovered a baby elephant and Vilda couldn't be any happier. Before our trip to South Africa, she had been pretending for months that she had a baby elephant that she used to feed and pet. She was absolutely beaming with joy watching the real baby 🐘 trying to eat. It's so amazing watching Vilda's imagination run wild, she sees monkeys, lions, elephants and giraffes everywhere she goes and we are more than happy to pretend to hide from the lion or pet the baby elephant with her. 🦁🦒🐒🐃🐂🐘🦏🦓 #familysafari #familygoals #dontgrowuptoofast
"You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.” We are so thankful for everyday we get to spend together. We never once regret our decision to go on this big adventure together. It took time, months, to be brave enough to take the leap to go full time traveling with a two-year-old. But it's the best decision we ever made. ❤️ #makeithappen #livingourdreams #spendingtimetogether #fulltimetravel
Yesterday it was Swedish father's day. So thankful to have this guy☝️ in our lives. Can't imagine a better dad to our daughter. ❤️❤️ #faraday #fathersday #southafrica #kololo #daddyanddaughtergoals
Just having a Lion King moment with our little Simba! 🦒🦁 #safarilife #circleoflife #giraffe #fulltimetravelingfamily
When we booked our safari, we thought we would enjoy it. We were so wrong, we ended completely falling in love with this experience! It's difficult to explain why we are in such an awe from this experience. Being one with the surrounding beautiful nature, watching all the majestic animals in their natural habitat truly makes you feel! Sometimes it makes you feel small, other times impressed. It makes you feel sad, happy, and sometimes afraid. It's a surreal experience and you finally understand the true meaning of "the circle of life". 🐒🐘🐗🦁🇿🇦 #safari #southafrica #kololo #wowmoments
I bet our Halloween was scarier than yours 🙈 Hello from South Africa! We're on safari and yesterday we came between a mother elephant and her baby. It was not very much appreciated by the mother, so she told us off. The elephant looks TINY on the video and it looks like she's very far away. But trust us, when your sitting in the car, it feels like that scene from Jurassic Park, when the car got chased by a T-Rex! 🐘🦖 #omgvideo #elephant #safari #runforyourlife


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