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Vad kul att du vill följa med våra äventyr runt joden! Vi en är liten familj som har valt att gå vår egna väg och följa våra drömmar. Vi har valt att leva ett mer minimalistiskt liv och istället spendera mer tid tillsammans. Vi har alltid varit äventyrliga och drömt om att se världen, så det är precis det vi gör just nu! . Vår familj består av Erica, Mattias, dottern Vilda och taxen Maggie.Hittills på vår resa har vi besökt Asien i två månader, bilat runt i Europa i 5 månader, varit i Mellanöstern och också upptäckt Afrikas skönhet! Härnäst väntar Central- och Nordamerika, följer du med?


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Every day we are incredibly thankful for all of our experiences and for the time we got to spend together. Even now that we are home, we try to spend as much time as we can together and keep making memories. Costa Rica left a big impression on us and we still to this day keep looking up in the trees, trying to spot a monkey or a sloth!! Our last vlog from Costa Rica is now live, link in bio! 🐒🌴☀️ #costaricatravel #familytravel #vlogg
Hej from Sweden!!! A little over a month ago we finished our trip around the world in Orlando and returned home, just as planned! One week later, airports begun to shut down and many countries went into lockdown. We can't believe how incredibly lucky we have been!! Our hearts really goes out to the people that weren't as lucky and of course to all the people affected by this pandemic! We are so thankful for every experience, everyone we meet, every moment we got to spent together and everything we have seen on this year long trip around the world! This trip has brought us closer as a family, it has opened our eyes to other cultures, people and traditions, it has given us time to reflect upon what's really important in life and has given us many new perspectives! Right now it's not time for anyone to go travelling, but when the time is right let us leave you with some travel advise! Yes of course you must see the Eiffel tower, Petra, Angkor Wat and all those famous landmarks BUT we have actually found that even though we have enjoyed our visits to those places, none of them makes it to our top travel experiences! Our favorite experiences, we have come to realize, are the more simple things, like an evening stroll in the tulpin fields in the Netherlands, meeting the locals and getting to know the country from them, watching a sea turtle returning into the ocean after laying her eggs, chasing Vilda around a sand dune during a sunset, eating a waffle while snuggling up in front of a fire in our cabin in Belgium, singing and dancing our way down a mountain in Italy with our best friend and countless other experiences!! So what's next for us? We're not entirely sure jet, but right now we're so happy to be home! We want to thank everyone for following us around the world and hope that our story has inspired you or maybe it put a smile on your face from time to time! Lots of love Wild Family Travels! ❤️
Disney Magic ✨ Vilda has had the best time here in Orlando and so have we! #disneymagic #starwars #avatar #mickeymouse
Today this guy 👆 is turning 30!! Happy birthday to the best husband and dad in the the world!! ❤️❤️ #30neverlookedsogood #happybithday
Today we have been together for 10 years!!! We get asked if we don't get tired of spending so much time together and the answer is no! Having your other half right beside you all day every day is the best! We have experienced so much together through all these years. Can't wait to climb more mountains together! #10yearstogether #lovestory #adventurefamily
Today our amazing daughter is turning 3! Beautiful, strong, brave, kind, smart, caring, the list goes on. Vilda, you always bring joy to the people around you wherever you go. The time we get to spend with you means everything to us! And remember to not grow up too fast! We love you so much! Happy birthday!!! ❤️🌈 #dontgrowuptoofast #somuchlove #happybithday


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Jun 2020